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Mekakucity actors character designs from Booklet that came along with Newtype 2014 May magazine
~ Please do not repost ! ~

Other character designs can be found here -
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Hinata: Damn…it’s a draw.
Kageyama: I won’t ever lose to the likes of you!

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Ugh I hate online shopping. It takes forever for the item to be despatched. It’s been like 5 days and my book hasn’t been shipped yet and they stated it’ll be despatched in 2 days! I’m just very impatient okay! I only ordered from them because my local store was oos for a few days but right after I ordered, stock came back when I check later in the evening like fuck you you think this is a game?

if he was my most formidable opponent, now he’s my most formidable ally.

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Pastel Pokeball Charm

••• $6.99 •••

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If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

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Imagine your icon being tiny and living with you